New Stuff

This is some of the new collectibles that have come in over the last few weeks!



In no particular order:

  • Chris Uminga Commission
  • Clerks – Steelbook (UK release)
  • Comic Book Men – Promo notebook
  • Tusk – Promo minimates
  • View Askew Productions – Print by Stephen Silver
  • Silent Bob – Diamond Select Action Figure
  • Clerks II – Mooby’s Gift Set (US release)
  • Silent Bob – Graffitti Designs InAction Figure (AFA Graded)


20th Anniversary – Select Action Figures – Series 1

A mere two weeks ago – Diamond Select Toys hinted at more View Askew goodness… today pictures of Dante & Jay in Black & White have appeared on Mr Smith’s instagram/facebook.


And in keeping with the monochrome nature of Clerks and the figures – a decidedly grey Quickstop to join (the more naturally grey) RST Video (there is some color in the poster in the window).

Presumably if sales are good a Black & White Randal and Silent Bob can’t be too far away.

Minimates – Tusk Promo

At last someone has posted an image of the #Tuskday promo minimate – thank you tkurps


The minimate appears to follow a lot of the promotional ones – a basic, blank color with a logo on the chest. The logo is based on this promotional poster:


[Update 1] And as if by magic – Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash are offering a few (for $9.99 each) on their ebay store!

Tusk Minimates Promo Packet Tusk Minimates Promo

[Update 2] Eleven hours later. All gone.
[Update 3] Twenty-four hours later. Five more available (with five dollar price hike!)
[Update 4] Thirty-six hours later. Five more made available and at time of writing only 1 left (with ten dollar price hike!)

Unproduced InAction Figures – Cock Knocker?

New Mystery! Just found this:

“There’s actually pics of the protos in the new issue of Previews. There are seven: The C.L.I.T., Bluntman, Chronic, and Mark Hammill (can’t remember his character). And the’yre all packed 2 per case, so no short-packed [p]ones this time.”

According to this Cock Knocker was prototyped up for release — instead of Willenholly?… or perhaps this gentleman meant Will Ferrell instead of Mark Hamill. Can anyone verify this? Anyone got the August issue of Previews magazine from way back in 2004?

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back – Select Action Figures – Series 2

Series 2 is go!

A Diamond Select Toys release! It’s an all-new assortment of 7-inch action figures from the popular Kevin Smith movie, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back! Comedy duo Jay and Silent Bob dress up like their alter egos, Bluntman and Chronic, and face off against the villainous Cock-Knocker! Each figure comes with an energy-sword weapon and part of the Bluntcave set – collect all three to re-create the famous climactic scene of the movie! Each figure comes packaged in a display-ready Select blister card, with spine artwork for shelf reference.


Series 2