Clerks II InAction Figures

Mr. Smith tweeted way back in 2009:

Ta-da! Or rather, Ta-Ta’s! Emma InAction Figure from CLERKS II line. Not out yet, but soon. See more here:

Unfortunately the tinyurl is broken (it pointed to which now gives a 404 error) but it is confirmation that Mrs. Smith’s character was taken to the prototype stage.

Another image was released on Valentine’s Day 2014 – when Mr. Smith posted the following image of Sexy Stud to his instagram:


Mr. Smith then followed that up on April 5, 2014 posting the following image to facebook:


The Series 6 – Clerks II line-up!

  1. Dante & Becky
  2. Randal
  3. Jay
  4. Silent Bob
  5. Elias
  6. Emma
  7. Sexy Stud

Mr. Smith has commented that if Clerks III goes ahead – which is now extremely likely – the sixth series of InAction Figures would be released!

Please Help! Kevin Smith spoke of giving Zak Knutson the Sexy Stud prototype… which podcast/smodcast episode was it?

Getting started…

First post. Second website. Third attempt.

Finally managing to get something meaningful up and running. Having judged myself perfectly capable but just far too busy – the first attempt was to try and farm out the work via fiverr; five dollars was spent (and returned) and nothing got done. I decided a few months later to have a go myself and installed wordpress on a hosted server (in Germany of all places) but alas this turned into a disaster; whatever theme I was trying to customise (with a ‘child’ installation) didn’t really work very well, and so unhappy with the design I only posted a few times (you can see this attempt on the wayback machine if you are interested – please note the title font has not been captured) and then the server got hacked and immediately shutdown. Leaving us with the third, and already more successful, attempt. A New Year reboot!

I am going to leave this post here as a nice marker to the beginning of the project. However I will back post some updates if the timestamp is important or relevant to the content.

If you want to contact me about anything – there is an email address over at The Colossus Collection.