Getting started…

First post. Second website. Third attempt.

Finally managing to get something meaningful up and running. Having judged myself perfectly capable but just far too busy – the first attempt was to try and farm out the work via fiverr; five dollars was spent (and returned) and nothing got done. I decided a few months later to have a go myself and installed wordpress on a hosted server (in Germany of all places) but alas this turned into a disaster; whatever theme I was trying to customise (with a ‘child’ installation) didn’t really work very well, and so unhappy with the design I only posted a few times (you can see this attempt on the wayback machine if you are interested – please note the title font has not been captured) and then the server got hacked and immediately shutdown. Leaving us with the third, and already more successful, attempt. A New Year reboot!

I am going to leave this post here as a nice marker to the beginning of the project. However I will back post some updates if the timestamp is important or relevant to the content.

If you want to contact me about anything – there is an email address over at The Colossus Collection.


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