New Stuff

This is some of the new collectibles that have come in over the last few weeks!



In no particular order:

  • Chris Uminga Commission
  • Clerks – Steelbook (UK release)
  • Comic Book Men – Promo notebook
  • Tusk – Promo minimates
  • View Askew Productions – Print by Stephen Silver
  • Silent Bob – Diamond Select Action Figure
  • Clerks II – Mooby’s Gift Set (US release)
  • Silent Bob – Graffitti Designs InAction Figure (AFA Graded)


Unproduced InAction Figures – Cock Knocker?

New Mystery! Just found this:

“There’s actually pics of the protos in the new issue of Previews. There are seven: The C.L.I.T., Bluntman, Chronic, and Mark Hammill (can’t remember his character). And the’yre all packed 2 per case, so no short-packed [p]ones this time.”

According to this Cock Knocker was prototyped up for release — instead of Willenholly?… or perhaps this gentleman meant Will Ferrell instead of Mark Hamill. Can anyone verify this? Anyone got the August issue of Previews magazine from way back in 2004?

Clerks II InAction Figures

Mr. Smith tweeted way back in 2009:

Ta-da! Or rather, Ta-Ta’s! Emma InAction Figure from CLERKS II line. Not out yet, but soon. See more here:

Unfortunately the tinyurl is broken (it pointed to which now gives a 404 error) but it is confirmation that Mrs. Smith’s character was taken to the prototype stage.

Another image was released on Valentine’s Day 2014 – when Mr. Smith posted the following image of Sexy Stud to his instagram:


Mr. Smith then followed that up on April 5, 2014 posting the following image to facebook:


The Series 6 – Clerks II line-up!

  1. Dante & Becky
  2. Randal
  3. Jay
  4. Silent Bob
  5. Elias
  6. Emma
  7. Sexy Stud

Mr. Smith has commented that if Clerks III goes ahead – which is now extremely likely – the sixth series of InAction Figures would be released!

Please Help! Kevin Smith spoke of giving Zak Knutson the Sexy Stud prototype… which podcast/smodcast episode was it?