New Stuff

This is some of the new collectibles that have come in over the last few weeks!



In no particular order:

  • Chris Uminga Commission
  • Clerks – Steelbook (UK release)
  • Comic Book Men – Promo notebook
  • Tusk – Promo minimates
  • View Askew Productions – Print by Stephen Silver
  • Silent Bob – Diamond Select Action Figure
  • Clerks II – Mooby’s Gift Set (US release)
  • Silent Bob – Graffitti Designs InAction Figure (AFA Graded)


Nerd Block – October 2014


In an awesome marketing move Nerd Block managed to get Mr Smith to curate this months classic loot box!

The two items of interest (relating to KS) where pretty great – a nice sticker sheet:


And a Jay&SilentBob-as-Batman&Robin The Undynamic Duo tee-shirt…


Full unboxing review (and more images) at

You can pick up these items on ebay (as of January 2015 anyway)

[ One thing I really like about Nerd Block – it ships with a tee-shirt every month – which makes the price tag seem very affordable. ]