New Stuff

This is some of the new collectibles that have come in over the last few weeks!



In no particular order:

  • Chris Uminga Commission
  • Clerks – Steelbook (UK release)
  • Comic Book Men – Promo notebook
  • Tusk – Promo minimates
  • View Askew Productions – Print by Stephen Silver
  • Silent Bob – Diamond Select Action Figure
  • Clerks II – Mooby’s Gift Set (US release)
  • Silent Bob – Graffitti Designs InAction Figure (AFA Graded)


Christopher Uminga Commission – Kevin Smith

Huge excitement yesterday as awesome artist Christopher Uminga posted this commission piece on facebook:


The coolest part? ITS MINE!!! I am the commissioner! Will post pics when it arrives…!

Follow, celebrate and marvel at Mr. Uminga’s work here:
Christopher Uminga – Deviant Art
Christopher Uminga – Facebook
Christopher Uminga – Instagram
Christopher Uminga – Twitter