Minimates – Tusk Promo

At last someone has posted an image of the #Tuskday promo minimate – thank you tkurps


The minimate appears to follow a lot of the promotional ones – a basic, blank color with a logo on the chest. The logo is based on this promotional poster:


[Update 1] And as if by magic – Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash are offering a few (for $9.99 each) on their ebay store!

Tusk Minimates Promo Packet Tusk Minimates Promo

[Update 2] Eleven hours later. All gone.
[Update 3] Twenty-four hours later. Five more available (with five dollar price hike!)
[Update 4] Thirty-six hours later. Five more made available and at time of writing only 1 left (with ten dollar price hike!)