Why Not?

This all started over at The Colossus Collection… specifically this post: “We Interrupt this broadcast to bring you Kevin Smith Inaction” which is now out of date and full of naivete. It is still in the top ten (okay… so it is number ten) on google search for “Kevin Smith Inaction”.

What amazes me about the internet is that sometimes you go looking for things and no one has compiled a decent list, or a webpage about it and so I feel duty bound to fill that gaping hole in the internet. It is clear reading it that I knew little about the figures at the time… the page was a consolidation of information (and images) gleaned from message boards and other websites.

Other pages popped up later: oafe.net reviewed the Night Of The Living Kev figure (and kindly links back to my post regarding the Smith variants) and thetoybox1138 blog did a post covering the full line of figures in 2012. (While I can’t prove it.. I would wager that the investigative-journalism-fact-checking about the not-produced-Philly-variant was found by me on the viewaskew message boards with considerable effort at the time).

Anyway, my thoughts were, if I am interested, there must be thousands like me also interested… right? Since that post, dated March 28, 2010, at least five other people found it interesting enough to contact me or link back.

Without timeline continuity; the first was silentsnootch, which you can see on the comments contacted me about the newly released “Older-But-No-Wiser Kev”. The second was the guy at oafe.net linking back. The third was the guy who linked my post on viewaskew.com message board – that seemed rather special to me when I found that out.

Arguably the fourth was the most amazing – a gentleman, active in the film trade – who shall remain nameless – was in possession of a Catch & Release Kevin Smith variant and was willing to sell. He sent me a photo, we negotiated a price and he shipped it off to me.

I took the Catch & Release figure to the Baltimore Comic Con and showed Ming Chen and Mike Zapic (of Comic Book Men fame) the figure – Mr Chen seemed genuinely amazed what I had in my possession, he estimated that 50 were made and that it was worth “a ton”.

The fifth point of contact is – my now friend – Matt in Australia. Now a pen-pal of sorts – he has fuelled my interest in keeping the information flow going and expanding it to minimates and beyond.

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